March 16, 2020

When the plague hit Great Britain in 1665,

Cambridge University sent its students home to

practice social distancing. Isaac Newton was

among them.

According to
The Washington Post, Newton spent

his time wisely in self-isolation. He developed

early calculus, experimented with prisms that led

to his theories on optics, and sat under the

famous apple tree from which sprung his theories

of gravity.

Now that the novel coronavirus has created a new

round of self-isolation and social distancing, why

not follow Newton’s lead? What have you always

said you’d do if you had the time? Paint your

masterpiece? Write a TED talk? Write a book?

No one expects you to be another Isaac Newton. But you should occupy your time to prevent depression setting in and to keep you away from the We’re-All-Gonna-Die news channels. Perhaps peruse YouTube for instructional videos on playing the guitar or harmonica, best ways to prepare corned beef, or painting your kitchen.

If your dream is to write a TED talk or your book, I have tools to help. I offer some free downloads to help you occupy your time. For example, download
Your Daily Writing Worksheet and use it to keep yourself accountable for writing every day. You’ll also want the Consistent Voice Communications Style Guide to keep your English consistent.

If your dream is to write a TED talk or other grand speech, be sure to purchase my book,
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Whatever your dream, now’s the time to work on it. Put COVID-19 to good use and change the world for the better. Even if it’s only your own!


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Tom Pfeifer is the managing partner and chief strategist for Consistent Voice Communications and author of Write It, Speak It: Writing a Speech They’ll APPLAUD! Reach him at

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COVID-19: What Would Isaac Newton Do?

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