Do you find yourself asking:

"How do I write a book?"

"Can I write a book with no experience?"

"How hard is it to write a book?"

Or you're asking:

"Do I have enough material to write a book?"

"Who is my audience?"

"What niche can I fill?"

Or, perhaps, you find yourself saying to yourself:
"I'm not a writer."
"I have nothing new to say on the subject."
"Who the hell has time to write a book?!?"

Sounds like you could benefit from a Book Yourself to Success course.


In this course you will write a book. You will turn your experience into a manuscript—you will put authorinto your authority. And you will find that although writing is hard, it is also very satisfying.

You'll find that you can write a book without prior experience in book writing--with the right coach. You will discover writing talents you didn't know you had. You will find that no one has written a book on your chosen topic before from your unique experience and perspective, and that it's a voice that needs to be heard.

We will show you how to work writing into your daily routine and where to mine material. And we will help you identify your audience and your niche.


This course is designed specifically for the entrepreneur, by an entrepreneur. For six months you will be fully immersed in explaining to your audience how your expertise--how your niche--makes their lives better. You will pick up tips to make your writing clear, concise, and consistent. And, you will receive periodic individual guidance directly from Tom Pfeifer, President and CEO of Consistent Voice Communications.

Tom Pfeifer has been a professional writer and editor for 35+ years. His first published book, on speech writing, was self-published. His second nonfiction book--tentatively titled The Number One Writing Secret--has been picked up by a publisher and is expected to be released later this year.

"Tom was a fantastic editor for my Amazon bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions. He was able to turn my raw manuscript into a cohesive, comprehensible, and clear book that resonates with my personality. In addition to his fantastic editing skills, he provided specific advice on how to publish through Amazon and obtain an ISBN and Library of Congress Control Number. His assistance was invaluable!" ~Maribeth Decker, Animal Communicator


To maintain individual attention, the class is limited to 15 highly motivated entrepreneurs. It is highly recommended you complete our survey prior to committing to the program.

Sound good?

But wait! You may be asking: What's my investment for all this? (Actually, you're probably thinking what's the cost? But that's the wrong question considering the greater earning potential from writing and publishing a book.)

Your investment for six months of small-group instruction, tips, and individual feedback from somebody who has been there and done that is $2,497. Remember, it's limited to the first 15 aspiring authors. Secure your spot now before they're gone!

Book Yourself to Success

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Book Yourself to Success

Secure My Spot
Book Yourself to Success

Book Yourself to Success

Secure My Spot

Book Yourself to Success