Build Credibility with Style!

Consistency breeds credibility. The Consistent Voice Communications Style Guide gives you both. It covers a gamut of consistency issues such as capitalization, headlines, and addresses. It also covers items you won’t find in a standardized stylebook, such as use of the company name and logo.

The CVC Style Guide is free of copyright. Businesses and organizations can change the name and adopt it as their own or use it as a guide to make it fit their needs.

Download it today and begin to develop your communications credibility through consistency.

Grab an Editor's Attention

To break through the clutter, you must write a compelling press release that grabs an editor’s attention. In 14 Press Release Best Practices, you will learn how to create a compelling, attention-grabbing, professional press release. Download the free report and give your press releases the impact they deserve! 

Helping you to Communicate for Success isn't just a slogan to Consistent Voice Communications. It's part of our mission. Here are some free tools to help you on that journey. Check back regularly, as we plan to add to it regularly.

Cover for Consistent Voice Communications Style Guide. Blue background, white lettering graphics of a quill pen in an ink pot containing the CVC logo and the date of the last update, June 2017.

Keep Track of Your Writing Projects

Use this template to self-motivate yourself to write. It's used by students in Tom Pfeifer's Writing Accountability Project (WAP!). Visit the WAP! page for more information or sign up for the CVC newsletter to be notified of the next class.

Free Tools to Build Consistent Communications